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Contracts: Law in Action, 2-Volume Set

Contracts: Law in Action, 2-Volume Set book jacket

This page refers to an out of print or superseded title.

Contracts: Law in Action, 2-Volume Set

Third Edition

by Stewart Macaulay, Jean Braucher, John Kidwell, William Whitford

2011 $292.80 casebound

Tags: Contracts

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These titles take the "Law in Action" part of the title seriously. The books put contracts problems in context and focus on contracts problems that students will face when they become lawyers. This allows professors to teach a course that is both more theoretical and more practical at the same time.
American contract law is messy and often contradictory. Even when the rules stay more or less the same, their application varies from court to court over time. The books help students see the hard choices lurking behind what seem to be the simple rules of contract law and prepares them to hit the ground running when they begin practice.
While much material remains unchanged, the major updates are on interesting and important matters such as:

  • unconscionability;
  • form contracts printed in fine print or hidden in other ways (particularly in the area of computer programs); and
  • the growing uses of arbitration to repeal the reform statutes of earlier decades.

In addition, based on the recognition that most law students are in their 20s, explanations have been added about such "commonplace things" as the Vietnam conflict, OPEC, and the consumer movement and other manifestations of Pre-Reagan politics as well as what were ice houses, dial telephones, and typewriters.
Professors who adopt the book are encouraged to contact the authors to receive the latest teacher's notes in electronic form.

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