Guide to Finance for Lawyers

Guide to Finance for Lawyers

by John Ayer

Tags: Accounting, Business, Lawyering Skills/Study Aids, The Student's Guide Series

384 pp  $37.00

ISBN 978-1-42249-045-7
eISBN 978-0-32717-437-0

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Like it or not, lawyers need to worry about their clients money. They do not have to be accountants or financial analysts, but they must know how to listen to accountants and financial analysts, and to know how to understand what they hear. This latest addition to the Guide series provides a proven, workable approach for students to learn financial concepts. The author, building on ten years experience of teaching finance to law students, shows students how to figure asset values, how to tell whether a business is making money, and how to know whether an investment manager is doing a good job. He introduces the student to a revolutionary new approach to financial analysis the world of option pricing. As a bonus, Guide to Finance for Lawyers offers a chapter on The Least Accounting You Can Get Away With and discusses why accounting does not begin to tell the whole story.

Law students will find it indispensable as background for courses ranging from corporations to family law. Lawyers will find that it fills the gap for the course they wish they took in law school.