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Law, Science and Experts: Case Problems and Strategies

Law, Science and Experts: Case Problems and Strategies

by William S. Bailey

Forthcoming August 2018


Tags: Evidence, Science and Law, Trial Advocacy

While expert witnesses and forensic evidence increasingly have taken a dominant role in both criminal and civil litigation, lawyers remain largely untrained in the scientific method. In 2009, the National Academy of Sciences was highly critical of the use and abuse of forensic evidence, noting the difficulty in determining its reliability. Combined with Law, Science and Experts: Criminal and Civil Forensics, this book meets this challenge head-on, providing the complete experiential package and helping to transform the classroom. It contains eight criminal and civil case problems, offering students exciting, unparalleled learning opportunities. 

"Law, Science, and Experts is a brilliant "how to" manual for handling expert witnesses. It masterfully covers direct, cross, and deposition techniques. What makes the book so captivating is its use of authentic problems from very interesting real cases to explain strategies and techniques. Everything is covered in this clearly and crisply written textbook including current evidentiary controversies. It is a must for every litigators library." Shane Read, award-winning author of Turning Points at Trial and Winning at Deposition.

"Former trial lawyer and now law school professor, William S. Bailey, has authored a marvelously rich text and problem book designed to teach law students (or young associates) how to direct and cross-examine expert witnesses in eight fields of forensic science.  Law, Science and Experts: Case Problems and Strategies, presents an immensely informative and understandable explanation of the scientific method and expertise as an overview before explaining the fields of forensic computer analysis, DNA analysis, economics in a death case, fingerprint analysis, forensic psychology in an insanity defense case, medical malpractice, vocational experts, and biomechanical analysis in a personal injury case.   Each chapter details the strengths and weaknesses of expert opinions in that particular field, as well as how to best present and attack the expert's testimony.  The chapter on each field of forensic science is followed by a related case problem.  The case files are very realistic and come with the document and picture exhibits you would expect to find in a real case file. The book also contains material sufficient to assign students to argue a Daubert motion, and a detailed course syllabus." —Professor Frederick C. Moss (Emeritus)

“Scientific and statistical evidence is everywhere, from DNA samples at crime scenes to estimates of economic losses.  Law students and practicing attorneys must grapple with it all and get juries and judges to see what it means.  Law, Science and Experts shows you how, in a book that is a model of effective teaching.”—Phillip Hoffman, Axline Professor of Business Economics and History, California Institute of Technology

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