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Understanding Administrative Law

Understanding Administrative Law

Seventh Edition

by Kristin E. Hickman

Forthcoming April 2022 paper


Tags: Administrative Law, Law School Study Aids, Lawyering Skills/Study Aids, Understanding Series

This Understanding treatise is designed to help the reader grasp the fundamental concepts of administrative law. Understanding Administrative Law addresses both the role of administrative agencies in our system of government, the process of administrative decisionmaking, and judicial review of agency action. As appropriate, it touches on the substance of the laws that agencies are called upon to implement and administer. As students study the topic of administrative law and later enter into legal practice, they will find that substance of the laws that agencies administer and the procedures they follow in performing that function become more and more intertwined and, in many instances, become almost inextricable. An awareness that there is no bright line between substance and procedure, particularly in the context of an administrative agency, is especially helpful to a thorough understanding of administrative law.

Additionally, this book includes recommendations for identifying administrative law issues and tools for organizing the reader's thinking once an issue has been identified. Understanding Administrative Law highlights the manner in which a client's issues may move through a typical agency and the manner in which lawyers cope with the various stages of client representation before administrative agencies. Additionally, this volume identifies trends in judicial review of agency action, including an evolving jurisprudence regarding the nondelegation doctrine, agency design, and judicial deference to agency interpretations of law. The seventh edition discusses recent cases and provides extensive citations to law review articles and other resources for readers who wish to study further topics covered by the volume. 


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