California's Criminal Justice System

Third Edition

Edited by: Christine L. Gardiner, Georgia Spiropoulos

Tags: Introduction to Criminal Justice, State-Specific Criminal Justice Series

Table of Contents (PDF)

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California's Criminal Justice System, Third Edition, shares the history, purpose, structure, and procedures of California's criminal justice system. It begins with conversations about the state of crime in California, the demographics of crime, and the practices of legislative actions and direct democracy in creating state laws. The book includes discussions of criminal justice policies as well as criminal justice institutions such as policing, courts, corrections, and the juvenile justice system.

Each chapter is authored by an expert in the field and highlights some of the current issues, challenges, and controversies facing California's criminal justice system. The authors also highlight some of the current criminal justice policies and controversies within the state, including gun policy, sex crime policy, drug policy, capital punishment, realignment, gangs, and victims' rights. In addition, the authors include discussions on a variety of different employment opportunities related to criminal justice and the occupational outlook for these positions. This text is appropriate for undergraduate students in introductory courses on criminal justice, law, and government, and can be used either as a supplemental text or as a stand-alone resource for students.

New in the third edition:

• A new, easily accessible, table that serves as a guide to California's most significant policies.

• Updated policy changes passed by voters in November 2016 in every relevant chapter.

• A completely new chapter on corrections.

• Learning objectives added to each chapter.

• Updated information and statistics in every chapter.

About the State-Specific Criminal Justice Series:

One drawback with many current books is that they pertain to the really non-existent “American” criminal justice system and ignore the local landscape. Each state has deliberately designed its own legislature, executive branch, law enforcement system, court and appellate review system, state supreme court, correctional system, and juvenile justice apparatus. Since many criminal justice students embark upon careers in their home states, they are better served by being exposed to their own state criminal justice system.

Texts in this series are designed to be primary texts or as supplements to more general introduction to criminal justice texts.

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