More on Legalizing Marijuana

Ongoing Shifts in American Policies

Edited by: Nancy E. Marion, Joshua B. Hill

Tags: Drug Policy

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More states continue to legalize marijuana for both medical and recreational use. This trend toward legalized marijuana poses new problems and concerns for individuals and governments alike. More on Legalizing Marijuana presents research by ten experts that examines issues surrounding marijuana legalization and use. The first section of chapters examines the increased social acceptance of marijuana use and legalization, and the effect that has on communities. Another area of focus is what impact the acceptance of marijuana use has on voting patterns. The second group of chapters focuses on the political influences surrounding legalization. The impact of presidential rhetoric and speeches about marijuana is the topic of one study, whereas another focuses on interest group activity. Two articles take a more critical look at marijuana legalization and how it benefits certain groups over others. The third section of the book contains a set of chapters that review public policies regarding legalization and the unintended consequences of these new laws.

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