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Copyright Law, Fourth Edition View Table of Contents and Introductory Material
Copyright Law: Protection of Original Expression, Fourth Edition

Copyright Law

Protection of Original Expression

Fourth Edition

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This practical casebook explores the complex issues regarding protection of creativity under U.S. copyright law while always clarifying how doctrinal elements relate to the whole. The book is perfect for students who have struggled with dense notes and opaque explanations, professors who have labored through cumbersome texts, or for new teachers who need a clear teaching template with both substantive doctrine and highly instructive and engaging cases.

The fourth edition of Copyright Law: Protection of Original Expression has been substantially restructured to help students understand the numerous additions reflecting updated case law and recent legislation. Also, the teacher's manual has been significantly enhanced as a helpful guide to engaging students with the material and defines clear learning objectives for each section.

The updated materials include: (1) a revised section on useful articles in light of Star Athletica, (2) a complete revision to the materials on infringement analysis, including coverage of Skidmore, (3) a new section on the copyrightability of law in the wake of Georgia v. Public.Resource.Org, (4) an expanded section on architecture, (5) new materials covering sound recordings in light of the Music Modernization Act, (6) new material on the first sale doctrine as applied to electronic copies, (7) an expanded section on performers' rights, incorporating Garcia, (8) a more thorough treatment of moral rights; (9) expanded coverage of the work made for hire doctrine; (10) revised coverage of registration in light of Fourth Estate, (11) an updated treatment of de minimis copying; (12) updates to several fair use cases; (13) updated international materials; (14) a revised sovereign immunity section in light of Allen v. Cooper, (15) a newly arranged and easily understood collection of cases on preemption, including droit de suite; (16) a new section on time bars, including Petrella, (17) an in-depth discussion of notice and takedown, including Lenz, (18) new materials on statutory damages, which include constitutional challenges; and (19) new material on attorney fees in light of Kirtsaeng.

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