Personal Injury Litigation

Sixth Edition

by William P. Statsky

Tags: Paralegal, Tort Law, Torts

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ISBN 978-1-5310-0959-5
eISBN 978-1-5310-0960-1

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Torts: Personal Injury Litigation provides a comprehensive overview of both personal and property torts. In addition to negligence, the chapters cover intentional and strict-liability torts. The book is designed to integrate the substantive law of torts with the analytical skills needed to understand the scope of this area of the law. Most cases in a personal-injury law office raise negligence issues along with other causes of action. Hence, in addition to thorough coverage of the elements of negligence, ten chapters on other torts incorporate the negligence dimension of those torts. Examples include strict liability and invasion of privacy. Many of the chapters also cover the developing law of torts and the Internet.

Most of the chapters include an outline of topics covered, learning objectives, exhibits and tables designed to clarify and expand upon themes in the chapter, extensive case excerpts, assignments and projects, chapter review questions, an ethics problem, a chapter summary, and research references for further exploration. Appendices contain practical overviews on paralegal roles, the economics of a personal-injury practice, interviewing guidelines, and resources that are essential to practice in this area of the law.

After the discussion of a major tort in specific chapters, there is a comprehensive checklist of definitions, summaries, relationships, and research links. The checklist is designed to provide the "big picture" by making connections between the particular tort examined in the chapter and related material on other torts discussed in other chapters. The checklist also serves as an on-the-job refresher for individual torts.

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