Succeeding in Law School: The Torts Workbook

by Herbert N. Ramy

Tags: First Year, Law School Study Aids, Lawyering Skills/Study Aids, Torts

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Succeeding in Law School: The Torts Workbook is built around chapter exercises that help students become proficient in the nuances of tort law. Each chapter begins with a basic explanation of governing legal principles. Then, the "testable points" section delves more deeply into the aspects of each legal principle, addressing some of the common scenarios that students are likely to encounter on a law school exam.

Each exercise is designed to develop a student's analytical abilities. The exercises become progressively more difficult so that students will continue to be challenged as their skills improve. The last chapter of this book is composed of a series of multiple-choice questions with a detailed discussion of both the correct and incorrect options.

At the end of this book, students will be ready for their torts exam because they will have developed their analytical abilities thoroughly and systematically.

"I highly recommend Succeeding inLaw School: The Torts Workbook, by Herbert Ramy. This very helpful workbook provides legal principles of tort law covering many topics, ranging from intentional torts through negligence. Chapters include strategic testable points, followed by short exercises. Multiple choice questions are provided as well.

This workbook challenges students by increasing the difficulty level as the questions progress. It will be very helpful for first-year students taking torts and for those in academic success instruction."
—Robin Boyle, Professor of Legal Writing and Vincentian Research Fellow, St. John's University School of Law

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