Mexico and Its Legal System

Lawyers’ Essays on the Continuing Evolution

Edited by: Yurixhi Gallardo, Patrick Del Duca

Tags: Comparative Law, International Law, Latin American/Mexican Law, Mexican Law

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ISBN 978-1-5310-0998-4
eISBN 978-1-5310-0999-1

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This book is co-published by the ABA Section of International Law and Carolina Academic Press.

The ongoing evolution of Mexico's legal system reflects its dynamic national life. This work presents essays in polished English by nine lawyers, seasoned as practitioners and scholars, with deep experience of the country, and a foreword by Mexican constitutional scholar and historian Manuel González Oropeza. Together, they spotlight fundamental aspects of Mexico's legal system, often inadequately appreciated both within and outside Mexico. They highlight exciting developments that directly confront social demands for enhanced rule of law and access to justice, as well as the continuing challenges of conforming legal institutions to needs of contemporary society. The contributing authors provide insights essential to appreciate Mexican culture and society, its business environment, and the role of the legal system in assuring respect of rights and aspirations of justice. Their work offers understanding of Mexico and its legal system not only for those directly concerned with Mexico, but also to those desirous of understanding how one large and dynamic economy evolves key aspects of its legal system critical to its continued growth.