Health Knowledge and Belief Systems in Africa (Paperback)

Edited by: Toyin Falola, Matthew Heaton

Tags: African Studies

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ISBN 978-1-5310-1230-4

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This is the 2018 paperback printing of the hardback published in 2008.

Health care in sub-Saharan Africa is and will continue to be an issue of utmost importance in the twenty-first century. As the HIV/AIDS pandemic ravages the continent, the stakes heighten not only to provide effective and efficient health care to African communities, but also to disseminate knowledge about health-seeking behavior and to instill belief among people in the possibility of leading a healthy existence.

Health Knowledge and Belief Systems in Africa raises questions and offers analysis on many issues related to how health and illness are understood by communities in Africa, as well as how health knowledge and beliefs are disseminated and utilized to provide health services to African populations. The chapters in this book derive from many different disciplinary approaches and cover regions across sub-Saharan Africa, thus offering a holistic glimpse at the knowledge and belief systems functioning in Africa and the ways that these systems contribute to health care access and delivery in the world's most endangered continent.

"This edited book of thirty-three chapters is an impressive update of scholarship on health concerns in Africa, as the new century begins. Divided into five parts, it presents multidisciplinary analyses from the perspectives of individuals, professionals, non-profit organizations, communities, and governments… This is a volume that has much to offer anyone interested in Africa's evolving health care system." — The International Journal of African Historical Studies