Applied Ethics for Sport Managers

by Kadence A. Otto

Tags: Risk Management, Sports

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Why do we love sport? Is it the thrill of competition? The unpredictability of the outcome? Or could it be that we are drawn to sport because, on a subconscious level, sport tests our ethical resolve? Written in a student-friendly way, this book will heighten your awareness regarding the importance, responsibilities, and challenge of becoming the complete sport manager. The complete sport manager is someone who evolves from a manager of sport to a leader of sport by operating professionally, ethically, and socially responsibly.

Applied exercises will put your conceptual and theoretical learning to the test:

  • It's Your Turn—Challenges you to recognize and accept your professional responsibilities by determining: What must I do?
  • Take Action—Propels you into the real world of managing sport ethically by reflecting and acting on: What should I do? And, why should I do it?
  • Take the Lead—Challenges you to shift from a manager of sport to a leader of sport by answering the call: What can I do?
  • Red Flag Challenges—Test your commitment to fulfill all three of your responsibilities to operate professionally, ethically, and socially responsibly by determining: What must I do? What should I do? And, what can I do?

"…it is very comprehensive.…This is good book on sport ethics that almost feels like a primer.…very student friendly."
International Journal of Sport Communication

This is the best ethics book I have ever used."
— Brenda Riemer, Eastern Michigan University

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