A Student's Guide to Hearsay

Fifth Edition

by Clifford Fishman

Tags: Evidence, The Student's Guide Series

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ISBN 978-1-5310-1272-4
eISBN 978-1-5310-1273-1

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The fifth edition of A Student's Guide to Hearsay focuses on the Federal Rules of Evidence, breaking down the hearsay rule into its elements and explaining them in straightforward language. It does the same for each of the 29 exceptions to the hearsay rule. The book covers the Sixth Amendment Confrontation Clause and includes a proposed amendment to the Rules. It also explains related subjects: what a grand jury is and how it operates; offers of proof, order of proof, burdens of proof; conditional relevancy and conditional admissibility; and privileged communications. A website will keep readers up to date on changes in the law.

"As an evidence professor, (and criminal defense trial lawyer) for 40 plus years, I am always looking for supplemental resources to send my students' way. The Revised Fourth edition (this one's predecessor) has been on my "highly recommended" list for quite some time. My students love the examples, especially because the reading is fun and easy, not to mention giving them a solid and comprehensive insight into hearsay: what it is, and how it actually works in the real courtroom world. I assume the latest edition (which I am just now cracking) is even better."

Richard S. Kling, Clinical Professor at Chicago Kent College of Law

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