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The Modern Law of Torts

The Modern Law of Torts View Table of Contents and Introductory Material
The Modern Law of Torts: A Contemporary Approach

The Modern Law of Torts

A Contemporary Approach

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Unlike many textbooks, The Modern Law of Torts takes a very different approach to the role of cases. Each chapter starts with, and includes throughout, significant narrative explanations, laced with illustrations and guidance, rather than simply relying on a set of edited cases. Learning goals and outcomes are expressed for each chapter, followed by a clear pattern of assignments and problems that track those goals. Cases, almost all of which are recent, are included as illustrations of application, to expose dilemmas or problematic aspects of the doctrine, and as the means for problem solving. Students are expected to use the cases to problem solve, not simply read them to learn the rules.

The book also takes a more practice-orientated approach than most, presenting frequent practical information and periodic practice-oriented exercises. A wealth of problems and formative assessment tools, both simple and complex, appear throughout each chapter. Finally, the book is designed around the idea that effective learning, especially in law school, involves a progression. Developing higher-level thinking skills while simultaneously learning and understanding an intricate web of substantive rules is best accomplished by starting with what is basic and clear before progressing to the more complex and nuanced.

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