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Understanding Negotiable Instruments and Payment Systems

Understanding Negotiable Instruments and Payment Systems book jacket View Table of Contents and Introductory Material

 This Understanding treatise provides a comprehensive treatment of the subject matter covered by Articles 3, 4 & 4A of the Uniform Commercial Code and by relevant provisions of the Truth in Lending Act, and Fair Credit Billing Act, the Electronic Fund Transfer Act, and Regulations E, J, Z, and CC. A primary focus is directed toward the law of negotiable instruments and of bank deposits and collections. The author also address the existing legal regimes that govern payments made in all forms, including checks and other drafts, cash, credit card, automated clearinghouses, automated teller machines, debit cards, and wholesale fund transfer. 

Areas of coverage added to the second edition of the book includec hanges to the prior promulgation of Articles 3 and 4; revisions to Article 1; changes in check collection related to depository-bank check truncation; enhanced federal regulation of payment systems to assist in the detection of money laundering; regulation of debit cards, prepaid cards, mobile wallets, mobile payments, P2P, and crypto-currencies; and letters of credit.

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