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Learning Law through Experience and by Design

Learning Law through Experience and by Design

by Danielle R. Cover, Margaret Reuter, Chris W. Roberts, Carwina Weng

Forthcoming August 2019 paper


Tags: Law School Teaching

Whether your focus is social justice lawyering, skills, ethics, and/or substantive knowledge, this book will guide you in designing a course that turns your teaching goals into learning outcomes. This book provides a model for creating an effective, intentionally designed instructional path for your experiential learning course, including helping you to identify the intellectual home for your course, learning goals, final assessment, evaluation rubric, and learning outcomes. Learning Law through Experience and by Design covers the following topics in detail:

  • Chapter 1: Your Experiential Course and the ABA Standards
  • Chapter 2: Using the Experiential Learning Design Process
  • Chapter 3: The Big Picture: What Is the Point of Your Course?
  • Chapter 4: The Course Goal: What Do You Want Your Students to Learn?
  • Chapter 5: The Final Assessment: How Do You Know That Your Students Learned? (Includes Appendix 5-A, Mapping Evidence of Student Mastery)
  • Chapter 6: Rubrics: How Do You Gauge the Level of a Student’s Proficiency? (Includes Appendix 6-A, Facets of Understanding: Progressive Levels of Performance)
  • Chapter 7: Course Outcomes and Learning Activities: What Will Happen in Your Classroom? (Includes Appendix 7-A, Samples of Experiential Learning Activities, and Appendix 7-B, Sample of Course Syllabus)
  • Chapter 8: Course Exemplars
  • Chapter 9: Worksheet Templates

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