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Principles of Evidence

Principles of Evidence, Seventh Edition View Table of Contents and Introductory Material

This edition of Principles of Evidence, dedicated to Professor Irving Younger, honors his teaching philosophy, considered revolutionary at first inception. Younger was a great believer that the law of evidence was best learned in the context in which it was applied. Focusing on the Federal Rules of Evidence, this edition has modernized Younger's materials with new and easily taught cases together with an opportunity to consider the law in a practice situation. Every substantive chapter has a Practice Dimension, which contains a Practice Law Review summarizing the law for quick reference; Tactical and Practical Considerations impacting the choice to utilize such evidence and the receptiveness of the judge to such proffers; and Problems and Questions that require students to apply the law to real world situations. This volume is accompanied by a teacher's manual stating the focus of cases and application and use of the Practice Dimension materials.

The authors are available for any questions professors might have in adopting this volume.

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