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Criminal Justice

Policing in a Diverse Society

Another American Dilemma

Second Edition

by Mary S. Jackson, Jerry A. Cameron, Timothy M. Hathaway, Jerry Shoemaker

Forthcoming December 2020 paper


2020 Teacher's Manual forthcoming

Tags: Law Enforcement, Race and Ethnicity Issues

Policing in a Diverse Society provides an in-depth look at historical events that have shaped the thinking of both minority groups and law enforcement officers. Many stereotypes and myths have evolved as a result of lack of understanding, and this book utilizes a historical perspective as a means of closing the gap between the law enforcement officers and the communities they serve and protect. The text offers the reader an opportunity to gain a better understanding of the “rift” that may exist between law enforcement and citizens. This discussion impresses upon the reader the need for officers in training to arm themselves with more than guns and a badge; knowledge about issues relating to diversity is necessary in order for officers to perform their duties effectively and efficiently in America’s diverse population.

This book is useful not only for criminal justice students, but law enforcement organizations’ basic law enforcement training sessions as well. In an effort to achieve the main objective of helping the reader understand and build a better relationship between officers and citizens, the historical perspective of each population segment discussed is included.

This second edition includes "first hand" knowledge from officers who are currently employed in law enforcement. They share their knowledge in order to stimulate and motivate thinking that can assist with building trust between officers, individuals, and the community. These officers describe "real life" experiences that they are confronted with daily as they struggle to not only protect and serve but to also build trust. This edition also utilizes current events and situations to formulate progressive thinking on twenty-first century issues such as immigration and the use of deadly force. The overall aim is to provide information that will encourage dialogue and positive actions.

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