Transactional Skills

Contract Preparation and Negotiating (What to Do — and What Not to Do)

by Peter Siviglia

Tags: Business, Business, Commercial Law, Contracts

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ISBN 978-1-5310-1535-0
eISBN 978-1-5310-1536-7

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Transactional Skills introduces the student to the most important aspects of a commercial practice: (1) the skills, disciplines, and methods required to produce a fair and proper contract, thereby minimizing the risk of litigation; (2) basic contract terms and basic contracts and related documents that the student will encounter in practice; and (3) basic negotiating tools and how to use them. This approach is derived from more than 50 years of practice by the author.

The book is designed to work either as a stand-alone text or interactively with the second edition of Exercises in Commercial Transactions, published by Carolina Academic Press. For students and faculty of law schools with a Westlaw subscription, the text offers additional support by referencing appropriate models and other materials in the author's Commercial Agreements—A Lawyer's Guide to Drafting and Negotiating, published by Thomson Reuters. In addition to being an excellent text for various courses, Transactional Skills also serves as a valuable reference tool for students in their practice following law school.

Praise for Transactional Skills:

"It [is] an eye-opening read because the book explains much of how transactional lawyers think while doing their work. And it [is] an enjoyable read because Mr. Siviglia knows how to explain things concisely, in just 150 pages, with irreverence and wit."—Richard K. Neumann, Alexander Bickel Distinguished Professor of Law at Hofstra University

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