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Eyes on the Prize

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Eyes on the Prize: Procedures and Strategies for Collecting Money Judgments and Shielding Assets

Eyes on the Prize

Procedures and Strategies for Collecting Money Judgments and Shielding Assets

$33.00 224 pp paper

Tags: Bankruptcy, Civil Procedure, Remedies, Secured Transactions

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The first of its kind in several decades, this concise handbook provides a much-needed modern roadmap to the civil procedure that few talk about and many do not know exists. It charts the metamorphosis by which the caterpillar of a money judgment is transformed into the butterfly of ... money. For law students, new practitioners, and interested lay readers, it offers a guidebook survey of the mechanics and strategies for every step of the process of collection—or defending against collection—of a money judgment, including domestication of judgments, debtor and third-party discovery, asset seizure and turnover, property liens and priority battles, homestead and personal property exemptions and asset protection, fraudulent conveyance recovery, and bankruptcy.

Eyes on the Prize offers a detailed analysis of common, modern asset classes—bank accounts, wages, business investments and securities, and intellectual property—and governing federal and state law in three representative states: New York (traditional), California (innovative), and Illinois (aggressively modernized), with comments on selected highlights in other states (Texas, Florida, Pennsylvania, and others). An accessible, hands-on resource for reviving the study of post-judgment collections and defense law in the 21st century, the book concludes with hypothetical practice exercises and carefully edited statutory appendices to supplement basic courses in Civil Procedure, Remedies, Bankruptcy, Secured Finance, and other areas of the law.

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