New York Criminal Procedure

An Analytical Approach to Statutory, Constitutional and Case Law for Criminal Justice Professionals

Third Edition

by Christopher J. Morse, Brian J. Gorman, Jared J. Hatcliffe

Tags: Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Criminal Procedure, New York

Table of Contents (PDF)

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ISBN 978-1-5310-1673-9
eISBN 978-1-5310-1674-6

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The third edition of New York Criminal Procedure provides the student, professional and scholar with a valuable resource for insightful analysis of New York's Criminal Procedure Law.

This text thoroughly reviews statutory, constitutional and case law, including the results of a once-in-a-generation wave of legislative reforms. These reforms bring progressive policies to bear on an array of new bright-line requirements and discretionary guidelines. New York's legislature made sweeping changes to bail requirements and juvenile justice, with new age-based presumptions of criminal responsibility, and an entirely new "Youth Part" within its court system. Major changes also apply to the rules of discovery, and new requirements for a speedy trial.

This book examines the reforms, and the criminal procedure statute in its entirety, including arrest, arraignment, pleadings, hearings, motions, discovery, evidence, trial and appeal, and special procedures such as immunity, jurisdiction, wiretapping and extradition.

Over eighty illustrative cases provide precedents and judicial analysis of stop and frisk, search warrants, no-knock entry, grand jury proceedings, plea bargaining, bail, the admission of prior witness statements at trial, bodily intrusions, DNA testing, suppression of evidence, jury trial, sentencing and sex offender registration. Delivery of this challenging area of criminal justice through three sources of law helpsthree major sources of law, enables the student, professionalor scholar to attain a comprehensive understanding of New York's Criminal Procedure law.

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