Education Law

Cases and Materials

Third Edition

by Jacqueline A. Stefkovich, Kevin P. Brady, Traci N.W. Ballard, Lawrence F. Rossow

Tags: Education, Education Law

Table of Contents (PDF)

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ISBN 978-1-5310-1686-9
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Most of the texts in education law today present court cases that are heavily edited. Unfortunately, the editing usually occurs in the facts. The facts contain the essence of what must be known to educators in order to develop policies and practices. Facts are essential in deciding whether the case is "on point" and useful in building clarity for a present legal challenge. However, in the interest of economy of space which faces all publishers today, they decided to remove the concurrences and descents but leave the majority opinions with its facts and footnotes untouched. The vast majority of education law courses today are taught in colleges of education. It is typical for graduate students to study only the majority opinions for their coursework. Therefore, the majority opinions with all of the facts and footnotes are preserved in the original. Also of value is the precision with which the authors have chosen the seminal U.S. Supreme Court cases still controlling well informed school practices.

In this new edition, the authors have meticulously edited the cases to eliminate extraneous material and then explain how each case has contributed to the rules of law that govern schools today. This care has produced a book that is concise, accurate, and understandable. The authors' nearly 75 years of combined education law teaching experience has also helped create one of the most well-written and user-friendly books on the market today.

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