Essential Legal Knowledge and Writing Skills for Non-Lawyers

by Maryellen Maley, Carol Krueger-Brophy, Frank Torterella

Forthcoming September 2024

Tags: Legal Masters, Legal Writing

ISBN 978-1-5310-1713-2
eISBN 978-1-5310-1939-6

Essential Legal Knowledge and Writing Skills for Non-Lawyers focuses on the learning needs of students in legal master's programs. This text provides the knowledge and skills students need to succeed in legal studies and their professional careers. It incorporates student feedback and lessons learned in the authors' combined 30 years of experience teaching master's students.

This foundational text covers court and government structure and function. It provides tested tools and strategies to read and analyze cases, statutes, and regulations. The ethics chapter addresses the potential pitfalls of ethical issues and the unauthorized practice of law. The book devotes three chapters to writing, acknowledging that industry leaders seek and promote employees with excellent writing skills.

A strong emphasis on regulations provides guidance to the many students who work in highly regulated fields. The text highlights specific strategies to research regulations and submit comments to agencies to effect change in their industries. It equips students with the requisite knowledge of the legal world, and the ability to write cogently about business and the law. Essential Legal Knowledge and Writing Skills for Non-Lawyers is a clear, concise, foundational text grounded in best practices.

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