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Hypotheticals and Tools for Success

by Jill M. Fraley

Forthcoming April 2021 paper


Tags: Law School Study Aids, Property/Community Property

An innovative exam preparation tool, Property: Hypotheticals and Tools for Success addresses crucial problems students face as they approach exams. Exam-style hypotheticals are hard to find and never have detailed grading rubrics that will produce accurate scoring and actionable feedback.

This book solves this problem by providing:

  • A primer on legal analysis, with an emphasis on how to apply rules and a simple pattern for producing excellent exam answers.
  • An extensive collection of hypotheticals that range from simple to difficult exam-level complexity.
  • Detailed grading rubrics that allow you to self-grade in a way that produces actionable feedback.
  • Explanations of common error patterns with specific and practicable strategies for correction.
  • Sample great answers and bad answers with annotations showing what makes an answer effective or ineffective.

Property: Hypotheticals and Tools for Success is equally helpful as a supplement to the basic property law course, a coursebook for academic success, or a practice book for the bar.

The author, Professor Jill Fraley, is an award-winning teacher and scholar, who has held two Fulbright Scholar appointments and received the AALS Scholarly papers prize. She is a master teacher known for enabling super-successful students.

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