Admiralty and Maritime Law in the United States (Paperback)

Cases and Materials

Third Edition

by David W. Robertson, Steven F. Friedell, Michael F. Sturley

Tags: Admiralty Law

594 pp $80.00

ISBN 978-1-5310-1858-0

This is the 2019 paperback printing of the casebook published in 2015.

The maritime law of the United States is harmonious in broad outline with the laws of other maritime nations, but it has a unique structure—tied to the U.S. Constitution and the Judiciary Act of 1789—entailing a special set of intellectual challenges. Admiralty and Maritime Law in the United States is a leading casebook that reveals the areas of international harmony and explores U.S. law's special features. Each of the authors is an admiralty expert, but the book strives for a generalist's perspective. It aims to tie the admiralty field into the students' other studies while providing the fundamental professional tools necessary to the advanced study or practice of U.S. maritime law.