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Conservation Law Enforcement

Conservation Law Enforcement View Table of Contents and Introductory Material
Conservation Law Enforcement

Conservation Law Enforcement

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Tags: Animals and Crime, Law Enforcement

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Conservation law enforcement officers are some of the least studied and understood members of the law enforcement community. These unique officers are important for their protection of the world's natural resources as well as for educating the public to the risks involved in the illegal trade in natural resources. Conservation Law Enforcement takes a different approach than other books related to conservation law enforcement by providing a more general and comprehensive examination of the role of conservation officers in society. It includes chapters on topics such as who conservation officers are; their history; the scope of conservation law enforcement in the United States and around the world; and the important legal aspects, patrol strategies, and other various aspects of the important work of conservation officers. Readers will come away with a thorough understanding of conservation law enforcement and how officers accomplish the important work of protecting the earth's natural resources.

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