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Evidentiary Foundations

Evidentiary Foundations

Eleventh Edition

by Edward J. Imwinkelried

Forthcoming May 2020 paper


Tags: Evidence, Trial Advocacy

Covering all major evidentiary doctrines, the text provides a blueprint for introduction of evidence at trial. It enables the student to convert a sentence in the Federal Rules of Evidence into a line of questioning to be used at trial. A useful companion to a coursebook in Evidence or Trial Practice, Evidentiary Foundations enables the student to picture the manner in which the rules of evidence operate in court. After a brief narrative discussion, the book dissects each major evidentiary doctrine into a list of foundational elements. The book then sets out an illustrative foundation, establishing all the predicate elements. This foundation gives the student a more concrete understanding of the evidence rule to which the foundation relates. The eleventh edition includes a new subsection on the authentication of printouts of records maintained on a blockchain, new coverage on the doctrine of objective chances, and a discussion of the 2019 amendment to Rule 807 (residual hearsay exception).

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