Introduction to Legal Research and Writing

by Carol M. Bast

Tags: Legal Research, Legal Research and Writing, Legal Writing, Paralegal

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ISBN 978-1-5310-2025-5
eISBN 978-1-5310-2026-2

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This book is designed to be the only one the student and the professor need for legal research and legal writing. It is designed to provide a clear explanation of basic information, exercises to give the student the necessary practice in researching and writing, and sample legal writing documents. The text is user friendly and readable while balancing the need for detail. Each chapter covers only a manageable amount of material for someone who has not been previously exposed to the law.

The objectives of the legal research portion of the book are to teach the student how to competently perform legal research in the law library and on the computer, to use correct citation form, and to understand the fundamentals of legal research.

The objectives of the legal writing portion of the book are to explain the fundamentals of legal analysis and writing, to teach the student how to communicate clearly, and to explain how to eliminate mechanical errors.

There is a set of 193 PowerPoint slides available upon adoption. You can click here to view a sample presentation. If you are a professor using this book for a class, please contact Rachael Meier at to request your slides.

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