Business Law and Organizations for Paralegals

Third Edition

by Emily Lynch Morissette

Tags: Business Law

Table of Contents (PDF)

Teacher's Manual available

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ISBN 978-1-5310-2058-3
eISBN 978-1-5310-2059-0

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What makes Business Law and Organizations for Paralegals incredibly different than the other books in this field is that it covers a large variety of subjects important to corporate law, as well as the basics of corporate law, while doing so in a manageable number of pages and at an affordable price. The additional aspects covered in this book, which are of great importance to the practice of corporate law, include employment law, intellectual property law, contracts, investing, the business entity as a litigant, and corporate ethics.

This book could be used to teach those subjects, especially intellectual property, in addition to corporate law, thus reducing the necessity of students buying two books for two separate classes. Even if these subjects are not covered in additional classes, it is extremely important with the current economy to introduce students to a wide variety of subjects so as to increase their job prospects. For example, intellectual property is currently one of the fastest growing segments of our economy.

The third edition of Business Law and Organizations for Paralegals provides updates on new legal changes, and includes more cases and more examples of forms. In addition, both the teacher's manual and the textbook have more state-specific information for each state in the nation.

Some of the additional subjects are covered to provide students with a basis of knowledge for their own benefit, such as investing. While some students may not be interested in the basics of corporate law, most are interested in investing, which is something that can apply to them individually. The basics of corporate law are also covered in depth, including sole proprietorships, general partnerships, limited partnerships, limited liability partnerships, limited liability companies, and for-profit corporations (with several chapters covering for-profit corporations).

The following Teaching Materials are available:

  • Test bank in Word, Blackboard-compatible and Moodle formats
  • Canvas course
  • Other LMS formats are available through Respondus
  • Teacher's Manual pdf with outlines, review questions and exercises

PowerPoint slides are available upon adoption. Sample slides from the full 338-slide presentation are available to view here. Email for more information.

Professor Morissette's expertise shines through in this complete and clear discussion of business law. She does a masterful job of balancing practice and theory. Her engaging discussions of intellectual property and litigation set this text apart from the competition. This book deserves my wholehearted endorsement."
— D. Patrick O'Laughlin, University of San Diego
The opening chapter of this textbook started as it should, and as many do not, with agency. From there on out it provided an insightful and fresh look at the concepts covered...The text also contains useful tools for the students. The chapter exercises involving critical thinking, for example, are one key to helping educators develop paralegals who have a foundation for success."
— Mary Teresa Sesson, Cuyamaca College

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