Contract Law

Rules, Cases, and Problems

by Seth C. Oranburg

Forthcoming February 2023

Tags: Contracts, Core Knowledge for Lawyers

2022 Teacher's Manual forthcoming

ISBN 978-1-5310-2077-4
eISBN 978-1-5310-2639-4

This new casebook offers professors an approach to contracts that is both thoughtfully grounded and efficiently structured. Each casebook module begins with expository text that presents doctrine and rules, followed by a mix of traditional and contemporary cases. Cases are framed with introductory comments and followed by reflections, encouraging students to connect the doctrine and rules with case law. Problems throughout the book give students an opportunity to apply the book's concepts to scenarios they will encounter while practicing law.

The casebook is suited for use in a traditional classroom but was consciously created for use in hybrid courses, allowing adopters to adapt the book to a variety of course structures.

Professor support includes an in-depth teacher's manual, PowerPoint slides, and assessment content offered through the Core Knowledge for Lawyers platform. The Core Knowledge content for this book will be available for use in Spring 2023.

Assessment content tailored to the book is available via CAP's Core Knowledge for Lawyers platform, access to which is included in the price of a new book.

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