Trap Doors and Trojan Horses

An Auditing Action Adventure

Second Edition

by D. Larry Crumbley, David S. Kerr, Veronica Paz, Lawrence Murphy Smith

Tags: Accounting, Auditing, Business, Fraud

Table of Contents (PDF)

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236 pp  $37.00

ISBN 978-1-5310-2157-3
eISBN 978-1-5310-2158-0

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This exciting auditing educational novel provides an engaging and clever approach for students to discover the professional world of accounting. As a mystery and suspense thriller, Trap Doors and Trojan Horses mixes auditing, crime, accounting and business processes, computer systems and controls, fraud, forensic accounting, ethics, politics, and expert witnessing for an entertaining and fun way to learn.

Trap Doors and Trojan Horses would be an ideal supplement for use in an auditing or information systems course as well as a forensic accounting or fraud examination course, as the suspenseful story combines auditing, information systems, and business concepts in a fashion even a novice can understand and enjoy. In addition, the novel illustrates the differences between a traditional audit and the investigation required by forensic accountants to uncover computer fraud. With cybercrime losses reaching $3.5 billion per year, accountants must be familiar with electronic auditing. The novel's use also would be appropriate in an MBA program that has light coverage of accounting or for CPA firms' in-house training programs.

Every accounting student and business executive should read it, because just as termites never sleep, fraud never sleeps. And just like termites, fraud can destroy the foundation of an entity.

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