Bankruptcy Law (Paperback)

Principles, Policies, and Practice

Fourth Edition

by Charles Tabb, Ralph Brubaker

Tags: Bankruptcy

Table of Contents (PDF)

Teacher's Manual available

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ISBN 978-1-5310-2163-4
eISBN 978-1-63043-082-5

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This is the 2020 paperback printing of the casebook published in 2015. To view or access the 2019 supplement, click here.

Bankruptcy Law: Principles, Policies, and Practice puts bankruptcy law in context, illuminating the evolution of the Bankruptcy Code with an exploration of current and historical non-bankruptcy remedies. The book continually approaches each topic through the goals of creditors and debtors, exploring how each is served in various parts of the Code. Extensive questions and numerous problems focus student attention on the mechanics of the bankruptcy process. But they do so through the lens of history and policy, and they explain why the law is the way it is.

The authors' aim in designing the casebook was to provide a very accessible medium for introducing students to bankruptcy law in a sophisticated manner. As the title indicates, the emphasis is on the relationship between the core principles essential to an understanding of the law, the policies animating those principles, and the challenges presented by the effectuation of those principles and policies in bankruptcy practice.

In its methodology, Bankruptcy Law: Principles, Policies, and Practice relies on a variety of expository tools—textual discussion, comprehension questions, problems, cases and thought / discussion questions—all with a careful eye toward building upon previous materials and concepts.

Economy of presentation is the hallmark of the casebook, but the Teacher's Manual picks up where the casebook leaves off. The Teacher's Manual is consciously drafted (in both organization and voice) as a set of detailed teaching notes.

This book also is available in a three-hole punched, alternative loose-leaf version printed on 8.5 x 11 inch paper with wider margins and with the same pagination as the hardbound book.

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