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Celebrity Rights (Paperback)

Celebrity Rights (Paperback) View Table of Contents and Introductory Material
Celebrity Rights (Paperback): Rights of Publicity and Related Rights in the United States and Abroad

Celebrity Rights (Paperback)

Rights of Publicity and Related Rights in the United States and Abroad

$73.00 640 pp paper

Tags: Intellectual Property

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This is the paperback printing of the casebook published in 2010.

This casebook deals with a burgeoning field of intellectual property law: the rights of individuals to control the use of their names, likenesses, and personas.  This book allows for an in-depth course in Rights of Publicity, with far more extensive coverage than can be achieved within the confines of traditional courses, such as Trademarks or Copyright.  In addition, unique among materials in this area, this book includes comparative materials from around the globe, enabling students and teachers to compare the similarities and differences in approaches to this issue among a variety of jurisdictions and courts (including such institutions as the European Court of Human Rights).  The book covers a wide range of topics relevant to the subject, including common-law rights, rights under state and federal statutes, inheritability, domain name disputes, choice of law, preemption, remedies, and, of course, extensive coverage of free speech and free expression issues, both in the United States and abroad.  The book is also structured to allow great flexibility in coverage—each chapter covers a manageable topic in the subject, and the comparative materials are in stand-alone sections within each chapter.  The authors of this casebook have set forth a lengthy rationale for a course in Rights of Publicity in an article—Teaching Rights of Publicity, 52 St. Louis Univ. L.J. 905 (2008).

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