Questions & Answers: Remedies

Second Edition

by Rachel M. Janutis, Thomas Orin Main

Tags: Law School Study Aids, Practitioner Resources, Questions & Answers Series, Remedies

Table of Contents (PDF)

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ISBN 978-1-5310-2319-5
eISBN 978-1-5310-2320-1

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This updated study guide continues to provide comprehensive coverage of topics regularly covered in remedies courses. The second edition includes revised and expanded coverage of injunctions, equitable defenses, and compensatory damages. It also includes a new section exploring the right to a jury trial. The second edition continues to use multiple-choice and short-answer questions to test your students' knowledge of remedies law doctrine. It now also includes sample essay questions as well.

Each multiple-choice question is accompanied by a detailed answer that indicates which of four options is the best answer and explains why that option is better than the other three options. Each short-answer question (designed to be answered in no more than fifteen minutes) and each essay question is followed by a thoughtful, yet brief, model answer. Questions & Answers: Remedies also includes a comprehensive topical index.

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