Unpacking Race in the American Jury System

Cases, Readings, and Perspectives

by Raneta Lawson Mack

Forthcoming December 2022

Tags: Civil Rights/Race and the Law

2022 Teacher's Manual forthcoming

414 pp $175.00

ISBN 978-1-5310-2406-2
eISBN 978-1-5310-2407-9

This casebook explores how the idealistic notion of a "jury of one's peers" in the American criminal justice system was historically subverted to promote the ends of racism and oppression, a pattern and practice that continues in modern times. Beginning with the history of the jury trial process and continuing through the development of race-based exclusionary practices, such as carefully crafted jury lists and peremptory challenges, the book unpacks and critically examines how and why these racially biased processes became entrenched in the criminal justice system.

The analytical spotlight will focus on case law, statutes, and stories that reveal the structural nature of racism in the jury trial process, as well as the human impact of racist outcomes. Once unpacked, the book invites readers to actively engage with the evidence with a view toward broadening their perspectives and facilitating consideration of practical remedies to dismantle systemic racial injustice in the jury trial process.

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