Understanding Evidence

Sixth Edition

by Paul C. Giannelli, Jules Epstein

Tags: Evidence, Law School Study Aids, Practitioner Resources, Understanding Series

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Understanding Evidence is a dual audience text. It is meant to be a supplement to, or a primary textbook for, any law school evidence course; and it is also an essential reference book for any litigator. The main objective is captured in the titleā€”to offer an understanding of the Rules of Evidence as applied, with the latest decisional law both explicating the principles and providing references students and practitioners can turn to. Written with an understanding of how evidence rules and issues play out in all stages of the litigation process, is at once scholarly in its depth and practical in its application. Because of its comprehensiveness, it stands out from other reference materials. The updated coverage in the sixth edition includes rule changes and cases through December 2022.

Understanding Evidence begins with an overview of evidence law followed by an explanation of the roles of the judge and jury. The remaining chapters are organized under the following topics:

  • Procedural Framework of Trial
  • Relevancy
  • Witnesses
  • Real and Demonstrative Evidence
  • Writings
  • Hearsay
  • Privileges
  • Substitutes for Evidence

This treatise extensively discusses and cites the Federal Rules of Evidence. Cases, statutes, other rules, and secondary sources are also cited, providing a comprehensive framework for understanding evidence law.

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