The Common Law Process of Torts (Paperback)

Second Edition

by David Weissbrodt, Mary Patricia Byrn, Donald Marshall

Tags: Torts

Table of Contents (PDF)

678 pp  $138.00

ISBN 978-1-5310-2443-7
eISBN 978-0-32717-844-6

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This is the 2021 paperback printing of the casebook published in 2012.

This book seeks to explain tort law through an examination of the common law process and the substantive rules and principles that have emerged as a result. The Common Law of Process of Torts introduces students to legal reasoning. Students learn not only how to understand the rationale behind judicial opinions, but also how to predict and develop the legal arguments that will likely be successful. The limited scope of the casebook focuses and sharpens the students' understanding of the crucial issues of substantive tort law. Perhaps more importantly, it helps explain the nature of law and the law's relationship to justice.

The Common Law of Process of Torts also assists beginning law students in understanding the procedural context in which torts cases arise and thus developing an additional perspective on civil procedure. Although many beginning law students find civil procedure to be quite difficult, the casebook's explanations and contextual examples of key procedural devices act as a user-friendly and practical guide to that area of law.

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