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The (Not Too Serious) Grammar, Punctuation, and Style Guide to Legal Writing

The (Not Too Serious) Grammar, Punctuation, and Style Guide to Legal Writing

by Diana J. Simon

Forthcoming October 2022 paper


2022 Teacher's Manual forthcoming

Tags: Legal Writing

There is no doubt that students' proficiency in or knowledge of grammar and punctuation (and other style issues) has declined over time, and this book is designed to help resolve that problem. What can be a serious and boring topic has been recast into an entertaining yet informative guide on punctuation, grammar, and other style issues. This book goes beyond the black letter rules that students must follow—it also tells the story behind those rules, making it relatable and more likely to stick with the student. Unlike other style guides, it uses caselaw to help convince students that these issues are important—even to the Supreme Court (and other courts) where winning or losing can turn on the placement of a comma.

The book also is unique in that it strives to be humorous and includes cartoons for each chapter with the goal of having the concepts adhere to the students' brains. It is a well-rounded resource in that it goes beyond legal writing guides and incorporates information from other sources, giving a more holistic view of each issue. Although this book was designed primarily for law students, it has a much broader reach and could be a valuable resource to any legal writer—judges, law clerks, lawyers, paralegals, and people who are either learning about or involved in drafting contracts or legislation.

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