Fundamentals of Trusts and Estates

Sixth Edition

by Roger W. Andersen, Ira Mark Bloom

Tags: Trusts and Estates

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ISBN 978-1-5310-2484-0
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eISBN 978-1-5310-2485-7

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This edition continues to provide a lean set of materials, flexibly structured to accommodate different lengths of courses. Specifically updated, in addition to case developments, are the 2019 UPC Amendments to the intestacy and class gifts areas, including extensive treatment of parentage and descendancy based on assisted reproductive technologies. The Uniform Electronic Wills Act and the Fiduciary Income and Principal Act are also covered.

Following a largely traditional organization, the book presents fundamental material clearly and concisely while including creative vehicles for further inquiry. Questions and problems provide the flexibility for teachers to tailor their courses to meet the needs of their particular students and curriculum. Without the inconvenience of hopping and skipping, teachers can ignore, focus upon, or expand upon different problems and questions. The excerpted readings fulfill the same functionthey can serve as background or as springboards for further inquiry. Policy debates, ethics issues, and practical considerations lace their way through the material. Often by placing students in various roles, the questions and problems help students develop skills and values to carry throughout their professional careers.

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