Treatment Courts

Solving the Recidivism Problem

by Christopher Salvatore

Tags: Corrections, Courts, Social Problems

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Treatment Courts: Solving the Recidivism Problem is a comprehensive guide to understanding treatment courts as an effective solution to the problem of recidivism in the criminal justice system. Incorporating extensive research from experts in the field, this book provides a thorough overview of what treatment courts are, how they work, and the research supporting their effectiveness and limitations.

The book begins by examining crime in the United States and the limitations of traditional approaches to criminal justice. It then introduces the concept of treatment courts, which offer an alternative model that focuses on rehabilitation and addressing the underlying issues that contribute to criminal behavior. The author explains the different types of treatment courts, including drug courts, mental health courts, reentry courts, teen courts, prostitution courts, and veterans courts, and provides a detailed discussion of studies to illustrate their success and challenges, as well as a look at the theoretical mechanisms that influence these programs.

One of the key strengths of this book is that it is one of the first to focus on treatment court programs and how they operate to provide treatment and support services for the populations they serve. Treatment Courts: Solving the Recidivism Problem is a valuable resource for anyone interested in improving the criminal justice system. It offers a compelling argument for why treatment courts are needed and provides accessible information regarding their use and effectiveness. By offering an alternative to traditional punitive approaches, treatment courts have the potential to break the cycle of recidivism and help individuals rebuild their lives.

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