Morality Stories

Dilemmas in Ethics, Crime & Justice

Fifth Edition

by Michael Braswell, Kyle A. Burgason

Tags: Ethics

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What are we willing to sacrifice for the welfare of others? Can we face the suffering we have both given and received? Is there room for mercy in the heart of justice? These and other questions related to the moral depth and ethical inclination of the human condition are explored in the original short stories that complete this book.

Morality Stories encompasses personal, social and criminal justice themes and dilemmas, such as Death Row, homelessness and prejudice. In each story, persons are judged as much by the good they omitted to do as by the bad actions they chose to carry out. Acknowledging regrets, expressing remorse and accepting responsibility are demonstrated in many of the stories as a means of moving toward moral courage and decision-making.

The fifth edition offers new stories on a variety of themes, including the impact of friendship on racism and loneliness in school settings; an old man facing justice for war crimes; a young boy adapting to his father's release from prison; the pressure and consequences of a high school girl coming out as gay; the effects of three women who reach out to veterans and their wives, helping them to deal with PTSD; how an act of compassion from a law enforcement officer saved a distraught citizen's life; and a blue chip athlete struggling whether to go with his heart or his head in deciding which university to attend and play for.

Given all the questions and possibilities a meaningful and creative narrative provides, a good story never really ends. More than that, the Student in charge is not just teaching students about criminal justice, criminology and social justice, but about the larger landscape of life itself—about how they can make a difference in the world around them.

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