Contract Drafting

A Project Approach

by Allan W. Vestal, J. William Callison

Tags: Contracts, Drafting, Legal Writing

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This book is based on the idea that law students learn best how to draft contracts by drafting in realistic settings. The premise is to have students inhabit the roles of transactional lawyers in various contract scenarios. This organizes the class in five ways:

  • Students conceptualize and draft contracts and contract provisions, with the use of guiding materials on the conventions and rules involved in transactional practice.
  • Students work collaboratively with their peers.
  • Students negotiate the deal as they draft the contract.
  • Students practice a variety of deals, from one-time transactions to contracts relating to ongoing business relationships.
  • Students critique the work of their peers.
Finally, the project scenarios have more than the bare minimum of background information to give students some sense of how interesting transactional practice can be. Whether it is two graduate students researching the future of bioremediation, a big company figuring out the future of pizza delivery, a retailer attempting to fix its distribution system, or a collector dealing with a scamp who may (or may not) own Mick Jagger's car, these projects show students that transactional practice can be interesting and entertaining.

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