Trade and the Environment

Law and Policy

Third Edition

by Chris Wold, Sanford Gaines

Tags: Environmental/Energy and Resources Law, Trade Law

Table of Contents (PDF)

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ISBN 978-1-5310-2637-0
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This book examines the influence of international trade lawin particular, the agreements of the World Trade Organization (WTO)on environmental law and the environment. It presents policy arguments about the connections between trade and environmental protection and the linkage with broader concerns about sustainable development and the economic and environmental prospects for developing countries. It also considers the work of international institutions created to address these connections and the role of public participation in both disputes and trade agreement negotiations.

It explores key disputes, including those involving trade restrictions on tuna, shrimp, asbestos, and beef hormones. These disputes cover key trade disciplines, including tariffs, import restrictions, subsidies, and investment. These disputes and trade disciplines intersect with key environmental concepts, including the protection of human health, fisheries and timber management, ecolabels, and climate change, illustrating how trade law affects consumer choices and regulatory and trade policy choices of governments.

This book can also be used to teach a general international trade law course due to the breadth of its scope. It is designed to teach law students with no prior background in trade law or environmental law, although it is also suitable for undergraduate courses. Because the complexity of trade and environment issues often obscures the real significance of the decisions, the book includes extensive background material, commentary, and numerous "Questions and Discussion" points. These features are designed to make trade policy and trade jurisprudence accessible to teachers and students alike.

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