California Criminal Law, Fifth Edition

California Criminal Law

Cases and Problems

Fifth Edition

by Steven F. Shatz, Scott W. Howe, Amy Flynn

Tags: California, Criminal Law

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California Criminal Law focuses on the law of a single jurisdiction with an emphasis on cases and problems as a vehicle for teaching students how to understand the law and construct legal arguments. Each chapter begins with an introduction to outline the issues to be explored. The cases are presented in relatively complete form to give students examples of fully developed legal arguments. One hundred short problems are taken from real cases and ask the students to develop the appropriate legal arguments based on the preceding cases. Notes, which have been kept to a minimum, are used to extend the students' analysis by asking them to consider policy issues raised by the cases or alternatives to the California law.

The book is divided into five parts. Part I introduces the course by examining the purposes of the criminal law and the constitutional framework within which legislatures define crimes and punishments. Part II addresses the elements of crimes in general and examines particular categories of crimes. Part III covers affirmative defenses, and Part IV covers vicarious liability. Part V concludes with a chapter on the death penalty.

The fifth edition includes five new cases, as well as a number of new problems and fully incorporates the recent statutory changes to California murder and vicarious liability law. The book is suitable for a 3- or 4-hour course.

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