Legal Research Methods for the English-Speaking Caribbean

by Yasmin Morais, Yemisi Dina

Tags: Legal Research

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Legal Research Methods for the English-Speaking Caribbean identifies the sources of legal information for the English-speaking Caribbean and provides unique coverage of the independent states and overseas territories in this jurisdiction with a shared history of British colonialism.

It is often challenging to know where and how to find the legal information of smaller jurisdictions like the Caribbean nations, especially in instances where this information is still predominantly available only in print. This publication will help researchers overcome this challenge and barrier. It describes and provides the sources for locating legal information, such as case law, statutes, court rules, and secondary sources. Also included are the bibliographic information about the print and electronic resources available for these countries.

Legal Research Methods for the English-Speaking Caribbean also provides in-depth coverage of the Caribbean legal landscape, including courts, legal education, local government laws, and the regional and international agreements that these Caribbean states are parties to. The Caribbean region is undergoing rapid social, political, and economic changes, often faster than the required legislative changes. The selected emerging areas of law covering aviation/drones, cannabis, climate change, cryptocurrency, and space law/space tourism are therefore extremely relevant.

This book is an invaluable resource to law students and faculty, legislators, and researchers of foreign, comparative, and international law.

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