Civil Procedure for Federal and State Courts

by Jeffrey Parness

Tags: Civil Procedure


ISBN 978-1-58360-769-5

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Civil Procedure for Federal and State Courts covers all the major topics found in the standard Civil Procedure coursebook, but supplements that coverage with areas not explored in other texts—areas of great importance to attorneys in the actual practice of law. Thus, it has materials on court structure; judicial selection and disqualification; specialized courts and administrative adjudication; the Federal Arbitration Act; liens and other nonparty interests; preservation of evidence; ex parte contacts; unreasonable searches; informal discovery; settlement agreements; and enforcement of judgments.

The book presents a variety of materials illuminating the similarities and differences between federal and state court practices (e.g., materials on court structure, judicial selection, case assignments, pleadings, compelled joinder, compelled discovery or disclosure, jury trial rights, appellate review, and issue preclusion). Professor Parness' experience has shown that the contrast tends to prompt lively class discussion of appropriate policies.

To bring key concepts into focus, there are over 100 review problems. The problems allow you to choose where more significant class time is spent, adaptable from year to year, depending on student interests, current events, and the like.