Legal Research in North Carolina

by Miriam Baer

Tags: Law/Paralegal Studies, Legal Research, Legal Research and Writing, North Carolina-Specific Paralegal Titles, Paralegal

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ISBN 978-1-59460-008-1
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This book is a clear, practical guide to legal research in North Carolina. Written by an experienced teacher, the book is designed for teaching legal research to paralegal students. Each chapter includes up-to-date research projects that provide practical, hands-on experience for students. The book will also be useful to law students, practitioners, college students–anyone who needs help navigating a law library. Although it is specifically geared to research in North Carolina, the information can be easily translated to other jurisdictions and can provide a self-guided tour of legal research. Topics include North Carolina and Federal case law, legal digests, legislative history, preparation of memos and briefs, and computer-aided research.

"This book was better than any I have used for legal research in the seven plus years that I have taught the course."
— Amy Hall, paralegal technology director, Caldwell Community College

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