Duke Chief Medical Residents

An Overview

by Joseph C. Greenfield, Jr.

Tags: Health/Health Law, Medicine

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Through the eyes of the Chief Residents in Medicine and the Program Directors, the evolution of the Internal Medicine Training Program at Duke Medical Center is documented. The primary content of the book contains the perspectives provided by these individuals, which give a rich and informative picture of the dramatic changes that have occurred in the complexity of patient care and the training of physicians during the past 65 years. The key factor throughout this period has been an untiring effort to provide the best in patient care and to foster the development of outstanding young physicians. The Chief Medical Residents, an outstanding group of physicians and leaders, have been largely responsible for the fulfillment of these goals.

In addition to the perspectives on the training program, the book contains a detailed biosketch on each individual. Finally, a brief overview of the collective achievements of the Chief Medical Residents is given.

By any criteria, the Internal Medicine Training Program at Duke Medical Center is one of the top in the country. Although no one can predict the future with certainty, the dedication of the individuals involved, primarily the Chief Residents, will provide a firm foundation to continue an unwavering dedication to the best in patient care and will result in maintaining the high quality of the training program.