Resistance Training

The Total Approach

by Lewis Bowling

Tags: Sports

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ISBN 978-1-59460-220-7

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In this exciting new book, Lewis Bowling, an instructor of physical education at North Carolina Central University, combines his experience as a personal trainer and physical fitness specialist with the current thinking about topics such as creatine use, machines versus barbells, and children's training to create a book that is both a practical how-to guide and a scholarly exploration of resistance training.

In addition to detailed pictures and descriptions of proper weight lifting techniques, Bowling has included chapters from two additional resistance training experts. Sonny Falcone, the strength and conditioning coach at Duke University, details parts of the regime used by Duke athletes such as power lifts, agility drills, speed training, and sport-specific exercises. He also discusses the differences between how athletes train and how those interested in health/fitness train. Dr. Terry Todd, a professor at the University of Texas and the leading authority on resistance training history, provides insights into its evolution from the ancient "physical culture" to what is now called the "physical fitness movement."

This book covers resistance training, exercise motivation, special population exercise programs, physiology, kinesiology, exercise prescription, and exercise safety. It will be useful to beginners looking to start an exercise program, experienced athletes, and all those in between.

"Summing up: Recommended." — CHOICE Magazine

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