Martha Stewart's Legal Troubles

by Joan MacLeod Heminway

Tags: Criminal Law

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ISBN 978-1-59460-236-8

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Heminway brings together essays written by legal scholars specializing in white collar crime, corporate law, and securities regulation concerning the varied legal claims made against Martha Stewart in connection with her sale of shares in ImClone Systems Incorporated in December 2001. The essays present interesting historical facts and analytical observations while raising important questions about the use of discretion in public enforcement proceedings (civil and criminal), the nature of independent directors under Delaware law, and the elements of two popular federal claims: obstruction of justice and securities fraud under Rule 10b-5.

"Law professors engaged with the doctrinal issues addressed in this volume are likely to find many points of interest in the various chapters… Altogether, it is good to have these law-focused articles on such a celebrated case bound together in a single volume." — Law & Politics Book Review

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